Life Beyond Group

Who We Are

Life Beyond Group is an inspirational movement that engages in inspirational talks, human resource support, and the design and global distribution of apparel that seeks to inspire, lift boundaries, educate and bring hope.

Our Vision

We aspire to create a positive human, social, and economic impact through character building, empowerment and gradual job creation to aid in sustaining the South African economic ecosystem. We aim to achieve this through the mastery of our current services, and gradual service expansion beyond sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Mission

We exist as a movement, a conduit and a force for change, encouraging all and sundry to not only live a purpose-driven life, but to in turn share our stories, for every story deserves to be heard.

Our Values

Passion for growth and development

Our History

Life Beyond was born out of a deep search for hope in the middle of a stormy Indian Ocean. Constance Рa seafarer, was at a turbulent turning point in her life and would often feel lonely and isolated from the world she serves; an all too familiar emotion often experienced by many seafarers when out at sea for long periods of time.

It is here she begun to question the purpose of her existence and reason for being, and the idea of a movement for solidarity was conceived. A movement that would bring people together to share their stories with the ultimate vision of instilling hope through motivational speaking. A movement that provides inspirational clothing apparel that speaks to soul-searching minds, touches the heart and connects with the soul of the customer through its cause, and motivational message branding. A movement that aims to empower and mentor those seeking careers in the maritime industry, as well as offer human resource support to employers in the same markets.

This is how the Life Beyond movement was founded; with an objective to inspire and bring hope to human beings across the globe, whilst educating them about life’s ¬†challenges and opportunities at sea.